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Mi Friend Dem (2013 DanceHall Official) Lyrics

By Christopher Martin


See Martin
You know seh when wi talk bout friendship
Wi talk bout realness
Caw real recognize real
So big up all di friends dem pon di hendz dem a bill
Chaw di chill spot could never be a kill spot
Hear mi now

This yah one a fi di friend dem who know seh dem naw sell out dem one another
And fi all a di one dem who know seh dem naw beg no friend fi di treadder


Deh one yah fi mi friend dem
Fi mi friend dem
The ones wa true an naw sell out

Deh one yah fi mi friend dem
Fi mi friend dem
Wa no deh bout fi di money alone

This yah one yah fi mi friend dem
Mi defend dem
From country straight back to town

This yah one yah fi mi friend dem
Naw pretending
No waan fi si you fail hi no

{Verse 1}

Alright when yo problem dem a stress you and you a face all di pressure
You cyan link yo friend dem because dem a deh deh fi you
And if yo friend dem cyan deh deh that mean yo friend dem no ready
How you fi tell dem yo business an dem go tell everybody
A so you get to know di ones who really in to you
And a no because a wa you have meck dem a link wid you
You no haffi watch out in yo cup when dem a drink wid you
A you real friend dem that

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Yow mi with mi friend dem so mi happy yea
And anytime wi link up is like an holiday
Wi on di corner an wi chillin an wi living nice
No haffi watch mi head back naw go lose mi life
Some people deh pon big boat but wi deh pon friendship
Dem a just some chatty mouth but wi thing authentic
Thatís why me an mi friends will ever roll
Never broke di friend pole

{Repeat Chorus}

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Lyrics submitted by on Jun 30, 2013 .

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