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Calamity Lyrics

By Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson - Calamity - Lyrics

Dis happen tuh me, goin home from
New York City,
Dis happen tuh Nelo, flying from
new York to Piarco,
Ah had ah glass ah milk at Kennedy
And ah didn't realise it was spoil
15 minutes after we take off, it attack
Me like castor oil,
I was not uneasy, neither was I scared
From where ah was sitting, I could
See two toilets ahead,
So den ah get up and ah winded meh way
But Nelo almost cried, when de hostess
Told meh 'Sorry Sir, de both occupied.'

I walk back to meh seat, very, very
Cautiously, step in very neat
Ah walking jus like ah young lady
Dis time if yuh see meh,
Beat up, perspiration and sweat
15 done gone already and dem people ain't
Come out yet,
Ah start tuh get dizzy, laaawd is now
Ah sick, ah hopin and prayin, dat dem
Two people come out quick,
Ah door open, ah woman come out
Ah felt so relieved, is den de hostess
Tell meh 'Sir, would you sit and fastened
Your seat belt, please' good Lord.

I must have fainted away, durin de
Course ah de flight,
Because de rumbling and de tumblin and
De bowlers, ah had to get up ah said
Lawd ah go dead tonight,
Ah now realise de toilets were vacant
So ah wake up meh mind to go,
Then came another announcement 'Ladies
And gentlemen we're now landing at Piarco'
When de airline touch down, it hit de run-
Way so hard,
Is den that it happen, imagine, now ha
Smellin bad,
Ah passin immigration, customs say no, ah
Couldn't go through,
Is den de officer told meh, yuh can't bring
No rotten onions with you, oh lawd.

I said look officer, leh me explain
What happen to meh,
He said ah don't want tuh hear yuh,
Yuh cyah bring dem tings in dis country
De smell getting stronger, ah feelin
Embarrassed meh socks and meh shoes get wet
Tryin to persuade him tuh come in ah corner
To explain the man start to fret, laaawwd!
It took some persuasion, tuh get him away
From de crowd, because, what ah had tuh
Tell him, I couldn't tell him aloud
But when I explain to him he felt sorry fuh me
He show meh tuh de lavatory,
Ah say officer doh worry, as you could see
All fall down already oh laaawwd.

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