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Come Over ft Buffy (2010) Lyrics

By Makamillion

Makamillion ft Buffy - Come Over - Lyrics

Step, step in ah meh dream
Baby gyal yuh done know meh bed
Is always clean
Pu-put on yuh camera, let's make ah
Movie scene
Lights, action *** bend over, gyal
Let meh push it in
*** make yuh bawl and scream
You ah the teacher and I am the Dean
Let meh deal with it, lean on the screen.

Gyal come over, gyal yuh
and yuh take it on the floor
Look into meh eyes is special to da core
Gyrating let meh give yuh some more
Dis is not ah fantasy reality show
Love on yuh waist make yuh

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Lyrics submitted by on May 20, 2014 .

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