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Bam Bam 2016 Lyrics

By Mr Killa

Mr Killa Bam Bam Lyrics

Me like when the gyal them bumper big like carnival truck
(Carnival Truck)
Know when you mash up the club fi me nah
And if I smash up for you me nah
Make you nose touch your knee for me nah
Lightning and thunder roll for me nah
Like gravity drop for me nah
Juggle it like a trick for me nah

Gyal reverse it and back for me nah
Open the wining shop for me nah
Me like how you roll that
(bam bam)
Just brok it and roll that
(bam bam)
Me like how you control that
(bam bam)
Some bam bam big yuh
(bam bam)

Gyal yuh look so good when you roll that
(bam bam)
Gyal gimme that doh hold back
Me two hands cant hold that
Some bam bam big, but yuh bam bam

Bumper big like a carnival truck
Something mash up by time you brok up gyal
Wine and go gyul
Wine and come up

Gyal get out ah line for me nah

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Lyrics submitted by on May 23, 2016 .

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