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Give It To Har (2014 Dancehall) Lyrics

By Mr Vegas

Give it to har lyrics

No sa This yah one yah gone
Hey Mr Vegas
This yah one yah fe the gyal them bruk out
All girls roll out, the gyal dem wey know dem look good
Dash out pon the one

(Verse 1)
Me just come in fresh from London
So me go dance over Islinton
Me see woman a bruk out so me must get one...one.
Watch the one dey a jiggle har bam bam
And a tell me say she ready fi the action
Bout she wah come climb up pon me mike stand

Give it to har one time
Give it to har two time
Make she wine her waist
Broad out gyal and mash up the place
Give it to har one time
Give it to her two time
Gyal make up yuh face
Set good now make me deal with yuh case

Yuh come in ah me yard a gone like yuh bad
Gyal me we make yuh haffi beg and bawl fi your madda gyal
Send me a badder gyal

Debbie say she nah want me fi stop
That's why me haffi insure me bak
Bag a chat she nah frighten fi that
she say lift me up and don't make me drop
She nah magga, she not too fat
Yuh see the sumn dey, gii me some ah that
Coulda even pon the roof top
or inna the kitchen when the pot dem hot
My girls dem pretty like flower
Stacey Ann want it every hour
So me haffi drink up some power... punch
Then we go inna the shower
Make she scream out like Donna-Summer
Yuh want music me a de drummer
Yuh want more pipe me a de Plummer,
Me never know yuh a runner


De girls dem crazy fi this
Inna de dance ah pure madness
Watch how the gyall dem ah practice
Them ah rehearse, dem nah wah miss
The girl Pecos cah resist
Him love how dem a turn and a twist
Him guh beg Latty-J fi a kiss,
she say, wait till later.. everything crisp.


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Lyrics submitted by on Dec 23, 2013 .

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