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I Love It 2016 Lyrics

By Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag Lyrics
Recorded at chambers studio
Produced by nicholas brancker
Mixed by adrian odle and nicholas brancker
Executive producer bayfield records

Nothing like a good party
Fetting is not a crime
I think that everybody
Should find time to unwind
You have to find the right mix
Some unknown verse
It is my time to play and

I love it
I love it
I love it

I just love to be in a good party
I just love to see love and harmony
People fetting like family
having fun in good company

Fetting, dancing, jumping

The Djs playing hit all the time
Overflowing with jam and wine
Jamming wining jamming

I just love to party
I just love to party

Please dont stand there and judge me
I like to have me fun
Love to see people happy
And see people as one
I am all for a party

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Lyrics submitted by on May 23, 2016 .

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