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We Loose Lyrics

By Shanta

We loose in the place
We see no face
No Waist go waste
is so much beautiful ladies
When the party start

When you see me drink hard
I getting on bad in party
where the rude body crew
whold night i want wine on you
is like you wanna make love in the party

Watch how the gyal them wining intently
All kinda wine me see them inventing
Drink me eh drink see them incentive

Put it up
Put it up
Put it up yea

Man and woman everybody leh we jam now
Everybody with they drink in the hand now
Coulda one ah them
Coulda two ah them

I seeing people getting out of order
People jumping sweat like water
Bacchanal around the corder

We been drinking rum

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Lyrics Letra We loose by Shanta
Barbados CropOver 2016

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Lyrics submitted by on May 30, 2016 .

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