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Die With My Dignity (Calypso 2009) Lyrics

By Singing Sandra

You want to help to mind your family, you want to help your man financially
But nowadays it really very hard to get a job as a girl in Trinidad
You looking out to find something to do, you meet a boss man who promise to help you
But when the man let down the condition, nothing else but humiliation,
They want to see you whole anatomy, they want to see what you doctor never see,
They want to do what you husband never do, still you ain't know if these scamps will hire you,

Well if is all this humiliation to get a job these days as a woman.
Brother they could keep their money, I go keep my honey, and die with my dignity!!

Some oh dem done park up already, yet they sit down with high hypocrisy
Using the power of the kazan position, waiting to abuse and exploit any woman
To get to work you have to go to bed with he, become a slave second wife and deputy
And as a next woman get on the line, he start to tell you you ain't good you can't wine
They want to see you in a fancy fancy pose, they want to see how you look without you clothes
They want you cock up like a bloody acrobat, the wife at home they can't ask she to do that,

So before I have to lick down somebody and cuss them so the police come for me.
I tell them they can keep their money, I go keep my honey and die with my dignity!!

Looking for work you might bounce up a fellow, who might be looking quite handsome and macho,
You tell you self you want to work with he, so you decide to try a radchafee
But when you done it's then you get to know, he wife leave he and gone long time ago
With all the cash he have he is a failure, the man is nothing but a blinking sunja,
They want to feel up you navel and your breast, they want to see if you are on your chest,
They think they can do you with the hand, like if they searching to find the promissed land,

I am a woman who don't make any skylark, before I slap them and they die of heart attack, tell they can keep their money I go keep my honey and die with my dignity!!

It have a lot of women just like me, who might not be so well off financially,
You need a job and you really need it bad, ah man decide to help you must be glad,
But if you value yourself as a woman, you will be demanding respect from the vagabond,
Stand up to them and let them know the truth, it work you want you are no blinking prostitute,
You have a mole on you back they want to see, they want to see if you have marks on you belly,
They want to know how much man you had before and if you are strong enough to take any more,

I have me pride and I have me ambition, I want to hold up me head up high as a woman,
So brother they could keep their money, I go keep my honey and die with my dignity!!

Source: From attached youtube link

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