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Reflections Lyrics

By Sugar Aloes

Sugar Aloes - Reflections - Lyrics

Ah know some of you meh tink
Am insipid,
But on election night ah prove
How and deh real wicked,
He was on tv ranting like ah mad
Man, all because UNCA, deh moving
De election,
Ah dunno why Trevor Paul didn't
Have him lock up,
He was upset because half his people
Vote f**k up,
And deh believe he knew he was on
Not fuh de way he was busing Winston

He said all who vote fuh PNM
[Look in de mirror]
And all who don't care bout de
Children, [Look in de mirror]
And when yuh read bout de next murder
[Look in de mirror]
And when somebody rape yuh muddah
[Look in de mirror]
What Mr. Pnadey fail to understand
That dis was ah free and fair election
He was charge for assault, yes ah hope
That's true,
If we must look in de mirror, he's
Looking at you.

Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror
[Look in de mirror]

Pandey say Ramesh have de solution
Fuh crime,
So we must put dem back in office
Just one more time,
He say he want to end his political
Career, with his boots on his barret
And fist in de air,
Give me one last chance, Pandey started
Go through NCA and let us get rid of
*** me, is ah waste of time
Give me, Jack and Ramesh ah chance tuh
Get rid ah crime.

So when de crime rate rising
[Look in de mirror]
And deh cannot control kidnapping
[Look in de mirror]
And when yuh read bout de next robbery
[Look in de mirror]
When guns and drugs enter de country
Pandey feel that we suffering from amnesia
And don't remember that Ramesh was
*** de lawyer,
And when he *** he send all *** through
So when Ramesh talking bout crime
here's looking at you.

Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror
[Look in de mirror]

Pandey wan't we believe that he have
But we all remember when he lied tuh
De commision,
He said that it was ah Hindu tradition
All de monies was always controlled
By de woman,
Pandey stood up in court and told everybody
De banker counting London, that is Emma money
He never knew she had soo much money
Like that,
But Carlos, John and Dookeran knows how
She account fuh that.

So which she suffering from hornea
[Look in de mirror]
Can't tell when last yuh gih she water
[Look in de mirror]
And if yuh do not trust Jack Warner
[Look in de mirror]
But yuh find ****
[Look in de mirror]
We all know how much money Doop-rey gih she
So doh be surprise if yuh catch dem
Granny tell me ** much money that's true
So anytime yuh get ah horn, here's
Looking at you.

Look in de mirror
[Look in de mirror]
[Look in de mirror]
[Look in de mirror]

Ah see on de paper and also de TV
Cro-Cro accuse me ah using de
Purse melody,
Some tings that ah don't understand bout
Dis mad man,
He tell heself he is de greatest Calypsonian
Because he win 4 times, he tell he's ah
He say ah cannot beat him in dis competition
But dis year 2008, let de record show
Ah going tuh give him ah good cuta** until
He grow.

Sugar ga put yuh in ah coma
[Look in de mirror]
He must remember Aloes bitter
[Look in de mirror]
He sing ah song bout he fadder
[Look in de mirror]
Next day he fighting down ah bruddah
[Look in de mirror]
He say all dem judges were train by
And he not defending until deh change
he declare on me and Chalkey and Skatey
Too, so from dis Cro-Cro review, here's
Looking at you.

[Look in de mirror]
[Look in de mirror]
Look in de mirror
Look in de mirror.

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