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Shameless 2016 St Vincent Lyrics

By Tapha

Shameless Lyrics by Tapha
From 2016 St. Vincent Album

What have you jumping
Am asking, what have you wining
What gives you that feeling
Tell me what gives you this feeling
S O C A and R U M
If you miss anyone, is a big problem
As in a big PROBLEM
So dont miss anyone of them

Cuz every fete I go
Shame is not a feeling
Every fete I go
I must wine up on something
Every fete I go
The music stop but I keep moving
Every fete I go
And I start to loss
And I start to loss control
Inside of me feel alive
The place look of vibes

Shameless Lyrics Parole, by Tapha

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Lyrics submitted by on May 14, 2016 .

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