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Back To Basics (80s Calypso) Lyrics

By Trinidad Rio

From Guanaguanre

I went to Public Utilities and tell them,
"Disconnect them facilities 'cause me ent want them."
I try to contact the Ombudsman but never in office
I going to file me an injunction on the Public Service
'Cause every time a heavy rain fall, by me doh have no current at all
They spoil mih TV, they spoil mih fridge, they nearly kill me with low voltage
Now, before they make me a lunatic [I going back to basic]
I going and get a flambeau and lamp with wick. [I going back to basic]

I call my fans and I call my friends to let them know
That if they have a message to send, tell Tempo
And if they come home and they ent see me, tell my neighbour
Or get a pen and a writing pad and write a letter
'Cause TSTT does make me weep, gone are the days when ole talk was cheap
I make a phone call to Talparo and I get a phone bill to Mexico
Oh mih lord, before they kill me and kill me quick [I going back to basic]
A piece ah maling and two KLIM pan wouldn't do the trick. [I going back to basic]

I went and buy me a motor car for my own comfort
Because I can't take no more torture waiting on transport
But all them potholes and all them bump, mih car ent able
Until they invent a car to jump, well I go travel
I beg the Lord to please put a hand, touch the heart of the spare parts man
I used to have a raise in the bank, now every cent gone in my gas tank
Now, I prefer roll a roller with piece ah stick [I going back to basic]
Or buy a three-speed bike going jic-jic-jic. [I going back to basic]

Now the only competent source that really working
Is when you can't pay your bills on time, they come cutting
Incompetence and disregard ent no humour
'Cause the situation is sad for the poor consumer
The word WASA does give me gripe, I ask for water, them give me pipe
I can't even get mih clothes to wash, my toilet full and can't even flush
Now they make me condemn mih toilet bowl [I going back to basic]
And now I digging a latrine hole. [I going back to basic]

Yesterday, I went to the store to buy a cooler
Then get my Indian partner next door to make a chulha
I buy a donkey cart from Ramdeen to make a stagecoach
Then put some Severin in mih latrine to kill the cockroach
I buy a posey made in Hong Kong, the only silver posey in town
Well, if you see the latrine I build, girl, is the cleanest one on the hill
All down inside the hole and around the walls, I always Flitting... You know why?
To make sure cockroach ent bite my -----.

Long time, me, Gypsy and Cro Cro, back in the earlies
We used to go down town after show, pick up the ladies
Window shop, take them along, buy them a roti
Then find the cheapest hotel in town and make a pacoti
But time changes and so do we, so put that down in kaiso history
'Cause if you should do the same today, is like a game of Russian Roulette
So now, before one of them get me sick [I going back to basic]
I rather sit down in a corner and ----------- [I going back to basic]

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