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Heaven Sent Offical Lyrics Video (2013) Lyrics

By Vybz Kartel

Vybes and Maria Lyrics for Heaven Sent

I havenít being searching anymore
Cause I found the love that I being longing for
I cant explain it but you love
Your love is so deep
So strong, so pure

(Chorus Ė Maria)
And Iíve being waiting too long for a love like this
I need your tender kiss
Sometime when I donít know what to do
Iíve being waiting too long for someone like you
My joy, my pride, my boo
My darling, my love turns too

(Verse 1 Ė Vybz Kartel)
Well out a all the girl mi love before she a number one
Because shi choose mi as a only man out of a bungle a man
Shi no love mi fi the house dem weh mi own or number a land
Shi no deh wid mi fi the Cadillac Jeep or the Tundra Van
No shi understand seh me is a man weh over stand
Know how fi cures are meck shi come over and over an
Mi treat are wid the fine things
Plenty shoes woman things
Blings and blings, and cars wid blings
And Benjamin no jingleings

(Repeat Chorus Ė Maria)

(Verse 2 Ė Maria)
Each night I pray this love would came
Just between me and you
Baby I never know this feeling would cause a thing
Itís because my love for you is true

(Repeat Chorus Ė Maria)

(Vybz Kartel)
Well you no haffi wait no more
You no haffi hold the faith no more
You no haffi go on no blind date no more
Man a yo gate no more
The maga youth from portmore
Seh yo support sure
And mi do not hit a nut head pon the forth floor
Mi would a love the chadder even if it hard core
A no the money meck mi love you from sealing to floor
A yo presence, yo beautiful
A no yo flex weh hard core
Yo intellect gyal deserve a encore

(Repeat Chorus)

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Lyrics submitted by on Apr 13, 2013 .

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