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Leggo Dem (2014 Dancehall) Lyrics

By Blak Ryno

Black Ryno - Leggo Dem - Lyrics

Say dem ah friend but dem ah pray me fi dead
Dem all ah set up police in me head
Before dem plan fi theif in me bread
Or before meh piece dem head
Me rather, fi, fi leh go dem company
Dash whey dem company
Yeah, buss de link and dash it way
Before dem try send man come fi me
Khalfani say fi let go dem company
Lizard Hype say fi dash way dem company
Buss de link and dash it way far, far
Before dem send man come fi me.

(Verse 1)
Yeh, let go dem, dem blege
Just like how dem a blege down Reggae
Yo have money today dem deh, deh
Tomorrow yo naw si none a dem deh, deh
Dem no member when yo did seh yeh
But when yo cyaa go down in a the billy
Dem call yo crosses, call yo narbet
Gi yo water in a basket
Oh real friend naw go pree fi yo things
How mi fi pree fi mi friend fi the bling
Mi nah grudge mi friend foot fi no things
Mi nah badmind mi friend car fi no rim

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Real friend coming like blood brother
Understand seh one hand wash the other
Kick off today but tomorrow wi proper
Wi a lick like two brother from another mother
No man no perfect, no man no god an
No man no born wid no extra bladder
Mi real friend nah violate mi mother
Unless a bwoy have one e3xtra brother

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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Lyrics submitted by on May 03, 2014 .

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