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Wrong Timing (2003) Lyrics

By Blazer Dan

Lyrics Wrong Timing By Blazer Dan (RIP)
Soca Lyrics 2003

Opening Intro

Get a phone call say
She calling me from New york
And she wah me pick she up
In ah the airport
Say she will be reaching in a few hours
She ah my baby girl so
Me no dig no horrors
Well, pretty soon I will be picking you up
In the mean time ?
Upon the door me hear "Knock Knock Knock"
When me look me see the door open wide
Is my girlfriend who step inside
Thinking she calling from Ney York all the while
But was a cell phone call from outside

Girl you got
Wrong Timing
Telling people that I dont care about you
Wrong Timing
If you did stay with yuh man
I would not get way with you
Wrong Timing
Have the belly to tell people
Girl I doh love you
Wrong Timing

Me sing say
Ah christian and a rasta man talking
About a issue say that Christ coming
The rasta say that
if Christ come in ah the morning
I cut my natty and I start praising
But if you look to the rising ah the sun
And Selassie I decide to come
Hand me off for the rasta children
Say I have cross and you doh have none
You got

Wrong Timing
Is not where you come
But is where you are going
Wrong Timing
They say when you reaching
Say what should we doing
Wrong Timing
No been nobody ?
About the live that yuh living now
Wrong Timing

Say Blazer Dan now come back
From in ah the country
And meh come down with ah
hard piece ah colly
All ah meh bredren and dem start sourround me
The bablyon and dem start hearing bout me
The day the police dem decide to buss me
Bussing me out and they bussin ah hurry
The bablyon ask for the sensi
Babylon you too late meh done
smoke it already
You got

Wrong Timing
IS not what you do
But how you are doing
Wrong Timing
Now you got yuhself in it
Yuh dunno how to come out it
Wrong Timing
Wrong Timing
Me sing say

Ending Wrong Timing Lyrics by Blazer Dan

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