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All In One (2014 DanceHall) Lyrics

By Busy Signal

Busy Signal - All in One - Lyrics

Member when we couldn't afford
Not even bread
Thief ackee off ah tree
Drop off buss me head
Jump over wall fiya fight
Hungry beat we make we bawl
Used to conduct
Busty, black and crusty
And now de way meh clean
Starts with me, never dream say
So much would arrest me
Eh, step out black again ting dem ah
Shot again, extradited from Jamaica
Jus free meh back again
Jail us, make meh tell yuh dis
Not again, miss me gyal dem back
Some ah dem look round and dem
Look fat again, watch out fi dis,
De whole world lack again
Watch out fi dis, raise it up tuh de top
Rihanna soon come over
De whole world shock again, fock ah dem
Never expect me fi stand up again
Fock ah dem, not going down me
Rising up again
Ah tell yuh, ah tell yuh
Me nah go mix up with de bluff ah dem
Take it tuh de street where de street life is tough
Again, rougher dan through de speaker tings
Ah buss again.

Eh, yuh know ah next ting
Eh, ain't dis amazin meh say
Ah take meh ah blazin
While am inventin
Meh say bad man debatin
***** one ah wouldn't mind tuh be datin
Style and performance de whole ah
Dem get five star rating
Haters keep hating my bank book inflatin
Nuff ah dem done know about bon-bon
And touch scrapin
Fadda gih dem my guide and my shield
Praise him
Still praise him, some ah yall ** him
Tell dem say, highest ah de highest plant
Keep it blazin, real pushin dis ah no grass
One, yo meh change up meh ting
Me run me own ah programme
Tell dem say deh might win some but dem jus last one.

Aye dawg yuh see yuh best friend becomes
Yuh enemy, enemy watch who you do
Road with, inna car with, inna talk with
Enemy, dem ah enemy
Nuff ah dem only ah burn out yuh energy
Aye, pretend yuh sick
Say which friend cut say which friend
Nuff ah which one stick
Aye, pretend yuh broke an ha no money
Fi ah month
Say which one pull ah disappearance stunt
Yoi, yuh stretch out yuh hand and give
Some ah dem tings every day ah de month
Dem say yuh never do nuttin fuh dem
A day inna yuh life
Dem love de war and strife.

Aye, dem sit down on ah ** and me
Lame like ah Wrigley's
Remarks ah pass, but me no business
Me run me own ah business
Ambitious, entrepreneur, direct meh business
Ask Gang and Shaggy, Jay- Z, Sean Paul,
Sizzla Calan, G bout de business
Dem say dis ah say dat bout busy
But ** me no bloodclat business
Yo, all ah de gyal dem ah fi me
Hol leap ah gyal pon me gyal list
An me ah roll with meh five ex gyal
Inna meh gyal ex five
Meh style and meh swagger boost gyal
Sex drive
Some ah dem could do worse
So geh dem ah next drive
Gyal prepare fuh de best ride
Yeah ** nuff gyal deh pon me gyal list
Am ah gyal analysis, gyal physicist
Nuff gyal ah rotate pon meh gyal access
Me have me own gallery and meh access.

Stop me, impossible, my flow unstoppable
We about untraceable, dem ah glass
Dem crack able
Me real dem actable, google me am
Map able, time piece yet
No the broad face rollin with the
Diamond dem ah shot
Everyting ah track able
Vehicle, mash up de road left it hurt able
All top ** hater am not ** your gurl slap able
Fuh real is lap able
Bible to da rifle, rifle tuh da Bible
Throw us tuh da Eiffel, fightin fuh da title
Haters tuh da badman, knock dem out
Tuh da Tyson
Big up Richie Spice, everyting is ah cycle
In ah whole new world, Pebo tuh da Bryson
Rug me to da priceson, firearm to da license
Some ah dem live in ah lou, lody to de dyson.

Next riddum,
Cause meh tell some boy, doh try dis at home
Do not try dis in studios
Eh say ah fi do it live
Aye, haters stop call meh name
Ice pon de whole das all meh hear
Ambitiousness and meh claim
Bad man wah fi for meh fame
Wah yuh try do, stop me game
Wah yuh try do pop meh brain
Pray to da most **
Strike de lightning turn now fall de rain
Try and stop now so fuh me came
Circle de block ** all meh lane
Enuff ah dem wah yuh pop **
Enuff ah dem wah yuh gih yuh de blame
Six and one does not add up
Yo is all de same.

Tell dem we all right, all right
Real thugs all right, all right
Hear wah again
Have me vehicle so meh nah make no drive
Me leave in ah gang so me always
Ah **
Cah meh all right, alright,
Tell dem meh all right.

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