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Send It On (2014 DanceHall) Lyrics

By Busy Signal

Send it on

[Verse 1]

Da one yah name babez if you thinking what I am thinkin
Wine pon the somethng then start the quinting
High-grade is thinkng, plus what am drinkin
Wine on the king pin, bruk out and something
No gill no no fin thing, bay gyal mi linking
Mi gi yo loving in, Sing pon the thing ling
Bay gyal waan mi so mi sell phone an ling ling
What’s up, an what’s sup
Dem quint an dem pin thing

Style you fi send it on no
Style wah mi waan yo fi send it on no
Gyal wine pon da slow groove yah
Gyal come balance pon da slow groove yah

Da one yah name hey
Style yuh fi send it on no
Balance mi gyal an come send it on no
Wine pon da slow groove yah
Gyal come bubble pon da slow groove yah

[Verse 2]
Gone me gyal back it up all bout gyal
Wine an go all out
You hair style naw fall out
No insect naw crawl out
She under the alcohol
She call out the tall out
Then bed board, bang head board
Gyal scream, an gyal ball out, an twist
Gyal sprowl out pon this
Mi an the girl lock in naw fall out or miss
Gyal a check mi nuff a nuff deh pon mi checklist
MI meck dem bubble like this
Bubble, bubble, like this

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]

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