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Pressure Lyrics

By Carl and Carol Jacobs

Carl & Carol Jacobs - Pressure - Lyrics

Have you ever tried to understand
Society plan fuh everyday woman
Can anybody ever imagine, what does
Go on behind every grin,
Well if yuh really want tuh know
Pressure leave undergo, as we stuggle on
Cock yuh ears and listen well
Well the story I will tell, how we
Women strong.

From de time yuh wake in de morning!
Baby crying! [Pressure]
Children fighting! [Pressure]
Get up, de radio say, have ah nice
Day! [Pressure]
But yuh still have room tuh play
And yuh just cyah see yuh way
Time yuh look around is evening come!
De water gone! [Pressure]
De light bill come! [Pressure]
In de mean time down in de kitchen!
Plate of food call yuh name [Pressure]
Mr. Man grumbling [Pressure]
Lawd help meh!

On top ah that de people still talking
When ah woman doing she own ting
No matter how we try tuh make ends meet
Deh find ah way tuh put yuh business
On de street,
Man deh always complaining, nothing I'm
Criticizing yuh do,
It's ah thing with de system, that what
Ever good fuh dem ***

Every turn yuh make yuh getting more
Finger pointing! [Pressure]
Deh bad talking! [Pressure]
One telling de next, one look at she!
Playing pointy-pointy [Pressure]
**** hawt call ah tv [Pressure]
Whey de hell yuh wah meh get it from!
Take it on credit [Pressure]
Or yuh want meh tuh thief it [Pressure]
Like yuh wah meh work in de nightclub!
***** [Pressure]
Spreading meh name all over town! [Pressure]
Ah cah take it!

And if yuh wah tuh add tuh de whole ting
Mr. Man in trouble down whey he working
After leaving early one morning, he come
Back tuh tell meh de boss re-trench him
Well if some bad already, now we're adding
Insult tuh injury, wah yuh wah meh do?
Lucky ting, with we yuh just cyah loss
Cause when it come tuh taking course
We woman is boss.

From de time he reach home he bawling!
Frustration caving in [Pressure]
No work now we strunting [Pressure]
** where we eating Plantain?! [Pressure]
But ah stil have tuh comfort him [Pressure]
** with meh two teeth tuh please him
Take him somewhere nice and cozy!
Make him feel more comfy [Pressure]
Drive him tuh de point of ecstacy! [Pressure]
In de end yuh could bet on de money!
Just tuh show how life funny [Pressure]
We still end up giving mmeee! [Pressure]

[Pressure, pressure, pressure]
[Pressure, pressure, pressure]
Ah cyah take it! [Pressure]
Ah get enough! [Pressure]
Lawd help meh! [Pressure]
Pressure, pressure!
[Pressure, pressure, pressure]
[Pressure, pressure, pressure]
All over is! [Pressure]
In meh backyward! [Pressure]
By de neighbour! [Pressure]
[Pressure, pressure, pressure]

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Lyrics submitted by on Jun 21, 2014 .

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