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Nobody Go Know Lyrics

By Cro Cro

Cro Cro - Nobody Go Know - Lyrics

Ah swear tuh God next time that
Ah leavin, I ain't tellin nobody
Ah learn meh lesson, and ah learn
It well!
next time ah goin ah ain't have no-
Nody tuh tell,
From de ghetto, deh here tuh he **
Man, woman and chile, de keep rinin
Some ting,
Like dese people ain't care bout me
Yuh see ah *** and that fuh deh family
Carry dem 6 man ah doll in case deh
Become sick,
Carry that, nice green parrot on de
Seh Gobin daughter I cyah fuh get her
Gih she dem few bottle ah cook she last
Take dem 6 dry coconut, carry it fuh
De burn in de boil is for uncle Harry!
And de lil nephew, the one does play
Doh fuh get tuh give him de ***pan
It have ah greasy paper bag, pack up
With roti,
Some diapers tuh give to ah, little
Pastel, cou-cou and chili baby and
Ah yolk deh won't get fuh ah sharp tv
6 suitcase already, Cro cro on ah
Rell strain,
Deh runn in de backpost tuh cut ribbon
Ah tellin yuh plain ah cyah tek de strain
Next time ah goin, nobody go know again!

Dis carryin ting does happen everytime
Like dese people feel Cro Cro own de
Deh feel inside de plane dem does have shelf
But Cro Cro ain't ha nuttin tuh carry
Fuh he self,
Ah partner gih meh ah half cook *** fuh
It spill all de oil fall down and it wet me
Now meh pants lookin jus like if ah pee
But hear some more ah de tings de man
Get fuh me,
He say de chain with de pendent carry de
Gold cross,
Carry dem 2 lil jar pepper sauce, oh gawd
Ah jus remember meh wife say!
Doh fuh get dem 6 packk ah Golden ray
Ah see ah blue and yellow flower enamel
Ah bag with some ***** and some ****
Ah tryin tuh tell dem STOP fuh Heavens'
Ah see deh come with 2 fruitcake and coco-
Nut bake,
Ah say tuh meh self dese people go kill me
One askin if ah could carry ah little puppy
Ah ole aunt come and she started tuh beg please
Cro Cro carry dem few common foul egg,
Ah say New York have plenty foul egg yuh know
She say de egg and dem ain't hav so much
Ah tellin yuh plain ah cyah tek de strain
Next time ah goin, nobody go know againn!

New York have every ting yuh mus believe
So why deh go send so much ah schupidness
While I tryin tuh tell dem tuh check deh head
Deh de *** tamberine ball and cassava bread
Ah see dasheen bush, ah man gih meh kush kush
Yuh get it up on *** or anywhere on Flatbush
What deh givin me, soooo much ah nonsense for
All dem ting kickin dog in Korean store,
Ah box mark fuh ah chile, deh say Cro Cro doh
Inside ah de box, some home *** lampshade,
Some can ah some *** and roti skin, ***, thyme
Shadow beni fuh seasonin,
Ah see fuh kitkat, and *** water, deh say
Daise fuh Lord Nelson tuh help with de obeah!
So from now on if ah goin San Fernando, not
One ah meh friends ah go let dem know,
Ah say tuh meh self, meh friends dem is trouble
Ah man come, askin me fuh that old bycycle
Some hairnet, some ring foam and sea moss
If yuh see dem with some **** pepper sauce
Since ah cauh carry puncheon, rum again fuh
Dem fellas,
Deh gih meh babash, and ah **** bottle ah
Ah tellin yuh plain ah cyah tek de strain
Next time ah goin, nobody go know againn!

Like ah cyah go boat, ah reach New York
Distribute all de nonsense tuh everybody
If yuh see how deh happy deh geh deh stuff
And some ah dem still say Crooks, yuh ain't
Bring enough,
But deh still tell meh thanks, deh so good
That ah come,
But deh askin me smartly, when ah goin back
Dese peopel so bodface! Deh wicked and slack
De same damn ting happen, when ah comin back
Ah *** pressure cooker, deh say and ah blender
Ah osterizer, and ah *** 6 nike sneakers, 2
Levy jeans and pirix dish,
Ah Jordan sneakers with shocks, deh say daise
De lastest,
Ah bag with toiletries and ***** camera
Ah tall, tall, tall socks, like if we ha
Deh wah me bring back ah wholeee front head
Fuh ah panel van,
De feel I is TNT shippin ah lot ah can,
Deh have ah **** boots, deh say watch de
Brand name,
Cro Cro, yuh cyah get dem kind ah boots in
Port Of Spain,
Deh give me oil ah ou lei tuh bleach meh face
And ah kind ah contraption tuh mix sandwich
6 Big suitcase I like ah FOOL, in front
Kennedy airport gate,
Deh ain't gih me one cent was to pay OVERWEIGHT
So now fren or no fren, ah tellin yuh plane
Goin, or comin, nobody go know againn!

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