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Link Up (2012) Lyrics

By Destra

Lyrics to Link Uo By Destra Garcia (Official Video)
Soca Lyrics 2012

Everybody get wild
Get wild (x6)
Everybody get wild
Get wild (x6)

1 2 3
Every posse form ah big truck
1 2 3 form up!
Everybody form ah big truck
Link up
Forming ah big truck
Link up
Come let we link up
Link up
Forming ah big truck
Link up
Every must link up
Link up
Shoulder to shoulder
Link up
Hug up yuh paddna
Link up
One behind the other

And we moving together
Bounce the starter
Step on the clutch
Put down yuh hand brake
Time to roll
Here we come, down the road
Anything doh step aside
We go crush yuh underneath we

Through the road
Through the streets
We coming down badam like king kong
And we coming to take over.. town

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