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No Behaviour Lyrics

By Hypa 4000

Hypa 4000 No Behavior 2016 Soca Lyrics (St Vincent)

Yo Lester
Do the right thing

A bottle ah sunset is we gas
Wah we touch the road you know we fras
Alyuh know say we mad
And we doh have no sense
We does mash up place and
we does destroy fete

Right now we have
Noooo Behaviour at all
Ah say is no behaviour at all
Is no behaviour
No behaviour
No behaviour
Let them know when we come here we have
No behaviour
No behaviour
No behaviour

Just give them the warning
When I leave to play the mass
Leader come out to lead
Put some more rum in meh glass
time to run up yuh speed
Hold yuh gyal and wuk she up
If you not doing in that
Get your rag and your flag and
come leh we mash it up

Full lyrics coming soon!

Some users comments for this song.

I loveee It, Sweetest Soca coming from home this yr As God!!!

Yo Lester, do de right ting.... Its no behavior when this tune comes on!

know behavior yea hypa it they

big tune dis....hypa & lester went all in...#no behavior #vincymas2016

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Lyrics submitted by rr on Jun 14, 2016 .

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