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Stronger Then Before (Reggae 2013) Lyrics

By Jah Cure

Stronger than before yow
I can give you more now
Caw some a go hard inna the gidian
Mi come yah so fi fulfilled Jah plan

Better than before yow
My heart is free to sure now
Jah people was always on my mind
Hours before my time

(Verse 1)
Fly like the birds in the city yow
Cure will be there to take your hand
I’ll by your side whenever you face the dept
Who know more but souls on me
From place when I got a struggle to the streets
Rasta no find mi
Marcus words a define mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some seh dem clean but them heart so dirty
Naw follow dem trend cause mi know it no worth hi
Some a gwaan like Jah a fi dem own
Dem alone, dem alone
Rasta live and die for the people
Separate yo sweachibuse am gonna beat you
The secrets out
Jah, Jah, name coming out in this now

(Repeat Chorus)

Jah is my keeper
And he’s ours keeper
Now Jah your my keeper
Your lessons come deeper

(Repeat Chorus)

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Lyrics submitted by on Jul 06, 2013 .

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