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Disco Daddy (1980) Lyrics

By Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson - Disco Daddy - Lyrics

Darlinnnn ah feel tuh disco
Jump in the wheels and let's go
Let's go and do all dem things we
See on tv
And get feel ah deh center size already
Come leh we join de people and rock
De body
So we could get de feeling tuh uff, uff!
Tuh get de sound vibrate in yuh ow, ow!
And how de music making yuh oooomm, oooom!
Uff, oooomm! Oooomm! uff, ow! Oooomm!

Dissscoo in any tempo
Tuh shooww it really is so
Ah see dis stealing woman bout 80
Some ting
On top ah roller skates, say she disco
She doing she ferris wheel and she
Disco splitting
Ah say dis woman brave in she ah, ah!
Why don't dis woman behave she ah, ah!
Suppose she fall and break up she ah, ah!
uff, uff! Uff, oooomm! Oooomm!

Dem lives does change yuh future
Yuh eyes get wild like tiger
And de riddim beating down in yuh belly
And eardrums buss yuh cyah hear nobody
And dem spilling lies, have yuh blank up lately
And all yuh hearing from you is uff, uff!
Yuh have tuh take dis song in yuh uh, uh!
Dis time yuh getting down with yuh uff, uff,
Uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff!

When daaaaddy in de disco
Is daaaayy or night ah doh know
Becauh is heavy rock with meh disco baby
Daddy in he hypes and he feeling good
Mr. Dj jus play de uff, uff! Oooomm!
When de music play he say uff, uff!
So ah go break away with meh uff, uff,
Uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff, uff!

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