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Frenz List 2014 Lyrics

By Masicka

Friends List Lyrics 2014

Me and mih friends them a spar from back in ah the days
Rip to the one them whe drop in a the grave
them never deh, deh, when wi trashy and a save
When wi knock it and a crock it
From yo spot it that a blaze
Now wi roll out and wi happy and a rave


One bag a chat in a wi ears
No want no man servant the catty a mih slave
No stop yoy no fi gaze
The cash it haffi raise
From back in a the days as wi wake
Yow wi frossing on some grades
Fetch mih the Pepsi Appleton a chaise
Real brother them hi no nobody cyaa replace
No try be mih friend

them say yo paranoid them run out a luck
Wi no trust people the friend list buck
Talk all yo want, no entry cut
No friend ship cut, the friend list buck

them say yo paranoid them run out a luck
We nah trust people the friend list buck
A nah hear wi no hear, wi no care I swear
Tell them the friend list buck


Verse 2
Open yo eyes yuh fi quick
A no surprise them a switch
Caw them wi hide and poison yo liquor
Man when yo life it so bitter them no follow like twitter
Not even them shadow in a the picture
Right now the star a glitter
them weh call yo quitter
want spar, want friend caw yo richer
them send a friend request still pending nah deliver
Nah throw weh the stick all when mih cross the river

Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 1 Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 2

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Lyrics submitted by on Aug 02, 2014 .

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