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Like A Holiday 2016 Lyrics

By Shawn Storm

Shawn Storm Like A Holiday Lyrics

My mother say
If you nah know hungry you cyah war rich
If its not broken you cyah want fix
If you nah roll ganja you cyah want spliff
If you nah light, you cyah want switch
If you nah work hard, you cyah want rich
If you nah move humble you cyah walk quick
If you know say it wrong
You cyah talk s**t
Suh me start it

Everyday is like a holiday
Suh me a live me life today
Oh God, drunk on Hennessy
nah give a f**k wa people say
Caw me nah want dead
Dove-Cot me nah want dead
Fi the dollars that me haunted
me want live till me a hundred

Verse 2
When sun start that nah mean it dry
When sup look plane that nah mean it fly
When man want better, that mean him try
When the truth hurts that mean him lie
When life get rough that nah mean it psy
When dove cyah sour that nah mean it die
When a ghetto youth rich that mean him sly
At least him try

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus

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Lyrics submitted by on May 26, 2016 .

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