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We Not Stopping (2013) Lyrics

By Shurwayne Winchester

Introduction: We not stopping

When you see we on the road again (we not stopping)
Behind the truck we drinking and chipping (we not stopping)
Every body in the band
Time to wine is time to jam
We not leaving till the thing done done (we not stopping)
When we start liming yes we every where (we not stopping)
When we drinking puncheon we chase with beer (we not stopping)
If yuh think we fraid ah sun
We jumping until rain come
While we wining down to the ground ground

We not stopping
We not stopping stopping
We not stopping

We doh care what all the haters think
Money low but we costume done link
Carnival comes once a year
So ah spending ah don't care
Every fete ah have to be there there
In the north stand we love the bacchanal
Beating iron an causing real scandal
As we blazing sun
On the road is ah show down
If you think you getting we bun bun

(Crowd chant chorus))


We not stopping
Cant surrender we doh take defeat
Time to cross the stage with tired feet
When we reach by the junction
Take ah drink an raise yuh hand
As we get on bad in the band band

let nothing block your way
We been waiting everyday
For this time to break away (ee yeah ee yeah a)
Now the day is almost done
People shouting here we come
Clear the way we ready to run run

(Crowd chant) 2


Lyrics submitted by shurwaynewinchester.com on Dec 01, 2012 .

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