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Wine on it (2012) Lyrics

By Shurwayne Winchester

Lyrics Wine on it by Shurwayne Winchester
Soca 2012 lyrics

Wine on it

Song:Wine On It

(Wine) Wine hard on top this gyal
(Wine) Cock back an wok this gyal
(Wine) Try yuh cyah brok this gyal
(Wine) Wine on it, gyal wine on

(Post Chorus:)
Whe de wine,wine wining girls
The hot girls
Yes mi ah fi see you / mi ah fi feel yuh
Wine on it wine on it

Wine on it gyal do what yuh want gyal
(Gi me little)2 gyal hot up the dance hall

(VS 1)
Gyal get in position
Do whe yuh want
You don,t need no permission
Wine and drop
Any where any mission
For you mi petition
You ah you ah top girl, you ah you ah top girl
in they face yes show yo,re the bubbler
In yuh box leh me put in mi speaker speaker

(Vs 2)
Gyal show whe yuh sick on
Stretch for your toe
6:30 position
Quarter to seven on the fence baby hold on
Now me get turn on
(Show me what you got gyal)2
Out a road they call you the bubbler
And fun yuh box ah have a new type a speaker
Hot gyal in the place snap yuh finger
then stamp in they face

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