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Wining Addiction (2012) Lyrics

By Shurwayne Winchester

Lyrics Wining Addiction by Shurwayne Winchester
Soca 2012 lyrics

The girl have a wining addiction

That gyal have a wining addiction
And she donít care bout no man situation
Only truck and plenty vibration
That gyal with the (good reputation)2
A Wining addiction
Donít make she call out she whole delegation
That kind a wine give dead motivation
Hot wine, hot wine radiation ,wine radiation
(Vs 2)
The Damn gyal have a wining addiction
At work on the chair she go wine on
Anytime, any where is a quick one
Cock back in (biker position) 2
Wining addiction
Soca is she only solution
For the music she go take an eviction
Look good so (nuff accusation) 2

(Vs 3)
That gyal have a wining addiction
Behind the wheel in traffic she go buss one
In she ride the number one station
At the red light (hard gyration) 2
Wining addiction
Hair done, nails done
She,s a sweet one
Step out step out step
Hot shades on
Gyal bounce then
Hold (that position) 2


Vs 4
Ah tell yuh a wining addiction
Just play music and she run come
When you put that bumper in motion
All real man stand (at attention) 2
Wining addiction
In the back ah the truck in the hot sun
Head gone waist gone when she drink one
Any one that oppose is (ah show down)

She have a wining addiction (wine)
Winning addiction (Wine)
(Wining addict) 3
Them gyal ha the wining addiction (wine)
Wining addiction (Wine)
(Wining addict) 3

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