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Captain Sparta (2013) Lyrics

By Tommy Lee

When you me testin
Its Tommy Lee representin
In class kids pay attention
And be a genius like Jimmy Neutron

Dora de explorer
Dora de explorer
Tell swiper stop the swiping
Back pack, gimme the mop,
Nake me find him

Children, children, dancing on the beat
Show me the way to sesame street
Bob the builder build me a bridge
Mushroom make Mario grow big

Hmmm silly rabbit tricks or for kids
Angry birds just knock out the pigs
Turn up the TV sit on the couch
My name stink a road like Asker the groce

Pickiny, pickiny, people pickiny
Dem deh watch mi like a Disney
Mi no goofy, mi no mickey
Why the people picking love mi
Tommy Lee Yeh
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee Yeh
Tommy Lee I know

Once up on a time there was a kid name Tommy
Grow up in Flanka, raise with ma Mommy
Bring a new style weh the kids dem cubby
So mi build tune fi meck dem happy
Super man, super man, flying in the sky
Captain sparta catch the bad guy
Go, go, gagit, go save penny
Oh my God somebody kill Kelly

(Repeat Chorus)

Riddle mi this, riddle mi that
Road runner coming set him a trap
Who spin like a devil Taz Manion
Everybody know Tom and Jerry no chat
Scooby dooby doo where are you
Sponge bob have a crabby paddy for snack
Mega tron yo better relax
Actamous Prime knock it, attack

Lyrics submitted by on Mar 22, 2013 .

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