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My Girl Lyrics

By Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean GBM Nutron My Girl Lyrics

The carnival man is back
I know you all miss me
Who the queen of the dance

My girl
We been through ups and downs
The queen of my heart
The one with the crown

My girl
When the clouds get grew
She send me a emoji with a smiley face
Sim sima who got the keys to ma bima
Like my brother beenie man in the summer

Slow wine like a dancehall queen
And she making me feel forever 17

You got that personality I like
Forbidden fruit I like to take a bite
Ignore the height cause you and I got something special
I will do whatever it takes
Words cannot express the way I feel

You and I could rule the world
I would do whatever It takes
To show you I appreciate

You my girl
You my girl
You My girl

Full lyrics coming soon

Comments from usrs
- Fire fire fire fire!

- Hot!

- Nice vibe I love it straight up

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Lyrics submitted by on Jun 14, 2016 .

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